Meet the Right-Wing Creeps Corporations Pay to Attack the Working Class

Meet the Right-Wing Creeps Corporations Pay to Attack the Working Class

The Commonwealth Foundation in PA is one of many groups that are part of the State Policy Network.  The Guardian recently ran a story about SPN which outlined that group’s policies.  While they are listed as non-profit charities these are in fact right-wing attack groups funded to the tune of $83 MILLION by groups like the Koch Bros, the tobacco industry, Kraft Foods and Big Pharma GlaxoSmithKline.  In 2010 they had the gall to promote a bill that would have deducted $50 per month from every teacher and state workers’ pay to fund the–so they could continue their important work of attacking teachers and state workers.  

Reading the descriptions of these people you notice things like the Koch Associate Program–a right-wing indoctrination program whose purpose appears to be to embed free market ideologues in every institution and organization throughout America.  They employ educators, businessmen, and even art historians.  Many of them are conservative Christians.  They talk about freedom, but they don’t mean our freedom–they mean freedom for their corporate masters and their crackpot religious beliefs. 

It’s a conspiracy in plain view, with tentacles reaching into all levels of government and politics in all 50 states.  Their goal: strip the working and middle class of any rights we’ve earned after a century and more of struggle.  We’d better get a lot more organized and focused to stand our ground against them.



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