War Is Kind Page 5


Art is one of those activities where you definitely learn on the job. It’s one thing having the theory–composition, figure construction, story mechanics, &c.  That helps influence the final outcome for sure.  But I find when I’m in the thick of it, things happen that I hadn’t planned.  Spontaneous juxtapositions, images that rise to the surface from my subconscious.  Verging on the inner truth, the only one that matters.  A good feeling.

As I get deeper into war comics you’ll find I sample a number of artists/styles from the past.  They’re the sediment on which our implanted ideology rests.  They exist in sometimes uneasy correlation with my native, natural style which you can notice in panels 3 &4.  One feels very comicbookish and the other something closer to my personal affinities for not just cartooning but also fine art.  On the job you don’t just learn technique.  You learn who you are.


2 thoughts on “War Is Kind Page 5

    • Thanks, Alyssa. What I find particularly disturbing about it is that kids like me read that sort of thing with absolutely no filter. It upsets me–obviously–to think how much influence these things had–and maybe still have–over me.

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